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Life as Conversation – Russ Roberts on his relationship with his father, starting the EconTalk podcast in 2006, Adam Smith, why people want to be “lovely”, aiming high, why it’s hard to have fun, misunderstandings of the academic world, and moving to Israel in his 60’s.

Russ is an economist, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and president of Shalem College in Jerusalem. One of pioneers of podcasting, he’s been hosting EconTalk since 2006.

(03:25) – The influence of Russ’ father
(11:33) – What modern economics often fails to observe
(16:35) – Adam Smith and human nature
(27:25) – Starting EconTalk in 2006
(41:56) – Moving to Israel in his 60’s
(46:49) – How people misunderstand the Academia
(50:57) – How Russ’ approach to his podcast developed over time
(54:15) – The metaphor of a conversation
(58:25) – Mortality & fatherhood
(01:05:03) – Russ’ dream guest and what’s next