AI Danger

Eliezer Yudkowsky on the Dangers of AI

Eliezer Yudkowsky insists that once artificial intelligence becomes smarter than people, everyone on earth will die. Listen…
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Michael Munger on the Perfect vs. the Good

Is the perfect really the enemy of the good? Or is it the other way…
Young Boy Poetry 300x300.jpg

Dana Gioia on Poetry, Death and Mortality

When he was a child, poet Dana Gioia’s mother would come home from a long…
Impossible Takes Longer

Daniel Gordis on Israel and Impossible Takes Longer

As Israel turns 75, has it fulfilled the promise of its founders? Daniel Gordis of…
Excellent Advice For Living

Kevin Kelly on Advice, AI, and Technology

Photographer, author, and visionary Kevin Kelly talks about his book Excellent Advice for Living with EconTalk’s Russ…
Lobotomy Tools 300x300.jpg

Megan McArdle on the Oedipus Trap

When physician Walter Freeman died in 1972, he still believed that lobotomies were the best…
Bea Wolf

Zach Weinersmith on Beowulf and Bea Wolf

Tolkien read it as a tale about mortality. The poet David Whyte said it was…
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Omer Moav on the Emergence of the State

Since at least Adam Smith, the common wisdom has been that the transition from hunter-gathering…
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Marco Ramos on Misunderstanding Mental Illness

When psychiatrist Marco Ramos of Yale University prescribes antidepressants to patients in distress and they…
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Adam Mastroianni on Peer Review and the Academic Kitchen

Psychologist Adam Mastroianni says peer review has failed. Papers with major errors make it through…