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Tyler Cowen on the GOAT of Economics

Who is the greatest economist of all time? In Tyler Cowen‘s eclectic view, you need…
The Geek Way.jpg

Andrew McAfee on the Geek Way

What’s different about companies that accomplish amazing things? Perhaps surprisingly, says Andrew McAfee of MIT,…
Milton Friedman The Last Conservative

Jennifer Burns on Milton Friedman

Who was Milton Friedman? Jennifer Burns of Stanford University finds in her biography of Friedman…
A City On Mars

Zach Weinersmith on Space Settlement and A City on Mars

Loss of taste for most foods, vision problems, loss of muscle mass and bone density.…
Scarcity Brain

Michael Easter on Excess, Moderation, and the Scarcity Brain

Slot machines, social media, and potato chips: we humans seem to find a lot of…

Robert Sapolsky on Determinism, Free Will, and Responsibility

Your mother’s socio-economic status at the time of your birth. Whether your ancestors raised crops…
Soul Of Civility

Alexandra Hudson on the Soul of Civility

When Alexandra Hudson arrived in Washington, D.C., she discovered that outward behavior is not always a…
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Elie Hassenfeld on GiveWell

When then-hedge fund manager Elie Hassenfeld began his philanthropic journey in 2006, he knew that…
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Anupam Bapu Jena on Random Acts of Medicine

Do marathons kill people who aren’t in the race? Does when you’re born make you…
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Walter Russell Mead on Innovation, Religion, and the State of the World

Historian and author Walter Russell Mead of Bard College and the Hudson Institute talks with…