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Moshe Koppel on Norms, Tradition, and Resilient Societies

Traditions and norms can seem at best out-of-touch and at worst offensive to many a…
Make To Know

Lorne Buchman on Creativity, Leadership, and Art

When we see Michaelangelo’s David or the design of the Apple Store, we assume a genius…
Lost Art

Anja Shortland on Lost Art

Economist and author Anja Shortland of King’s College London talks about her new book, Lost…
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Max Kenner on Crime, Education, and the Bard Prison Initiative

Max Kenner, founder and executive director of the Bard Prison Initiative–which offers college degrees to…
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Leon Kass on Human Flourishing, Living Well, and Aristotle

Leon Kass, long-time teacher of classic works at the University of Chicago and now Dean…
Studying With Miss Bishop

Dana Gioia on Learning, Poetry, and Studying with Miss Bishop

Poet and author Dana Gioia talks about his book Studying with Miss Bishop with EconTalk host…
Twilight Of Democracy

Anne Applebaum on the Twilight of Democracy

Journalist and author Anne Applebaum talks about her book, Twilight of Democracy, with EconTalk host…
When Police Kill

Franklin Zimring on When Police Kill

Franklin Zimring’s 2017 book, When Police Kill, starts with an alarming statistic: Roughly 1,000 Americans…
Rule Makers Rule Breakers

Michele Gelfand on Rule Makers, Rule Breakers

Psychologist Michele Gelfand talks about her book, Rule Makers, Rule Breakers, with EconTalk host Russ…
Michael Brendan Dougherty On My Father Left Me Ireland

Michael Brendan Dougherty on My Father Left Me Ireland

Author and journalist Michael Brendan Dougherty talks about his book My Father Left Me Ireland…